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Annabel Fairfax
Annabel Fairfax
Our prints include many taken from original watercolours by the talented artist, Annabel Fairfax. These include framed pictures of sea life, pigs, pheasant, ducks and elephants!

Illustrated: Emerald Rooster
Emerald Rooster 
Sheila Gill    
Sheila Gill  Shelia Gill's chosen medium is watercolour. She says:

"Just when you think you have the hang of it, it surprises you. I love the way rich pigmented colours move in the water, almost as if they have a life of their own."

Illustrated:  Two's Company
Two's Company
Judy Joel
Judy Joel  Judy's love of life is charmingly and naively portrayed in her delightful paintings.

Illustrated: To the FinishTo the Finish

This is one of a pair of prints depicting Henley Royal Regatta.
Maureen Jordan    
Maureen Jordan  As well as being a well known still life artist, Maureen also has a fascination with the representation of the human figure. Our gallery contains examples of her delightfully relaxed figure studies, as well as some of her landscapes.

Illustrated: Lavender Field
Lavender Field 
Janet Judge    
Janet Judge  Janet works from life, spending time setting up and arranging her subject before starting work with pencil drawings and quick colour and compositional studies.

Illustrated: Scarlet Poppy
Scarlet Poppy 
Liz Knutt 
Liz Knutt  Liz Knutt has painted a variety of subjects, including flowers, landscapes, theatre, animals and nudes in groups, as well as singly - painted with dash, humanity and humour.

Illustrated:  Open Air Concert
Open Air Concert
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