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Anne McCormack     
Anne McCormack  Anne's work is mostly in watercolour or oil and favourite subjects are interiors, still life and figurative studies.

Illustrated: Tulips and Lilies 
Tulips and Lilies 
Terry McKivragan
Terry McKivragan
Terry is a member of The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and our gallery contains many fine examples of his work. Terry's paintings are to be found in various galleries, and in private and corporate collections, throughout the UK and abroad.

Illustrated: On the Brink
On the Brink 
Renate Ober    
Renate Ober  Renate's aim in painting is to create a feast for the eye, a celebration of life and a tender smile. For her, painting is an expression of love.

Illustrated:  Capital Sunset
Capital Sunset 
Nicholas St John Rosse
Nicholas St John Rosse  Since 1981, Nicholas has lived at  Trethevy on the North Cornish Coast where the wild cliffs and beaches provide the artist with endless settings for his figure/beach compositions

Illustrated: Curiosity
David Rust    
  David's work enjoys an ever-growing demand and can be found in countless private collections, not only in the UK but as far afield as America, Japan and Australia.

Illustrated: Mount's Bay
Mount's Bay 
Frank Taylor    
Frank Taylor  Frank says: "I love the play of light and shadow as it occurs in nature, and find it an endless and fascinating challenge. My subjects are those with which I feel empathy and my goal is to evoke that same feeling in the viewer.

Illustrated: Fishermen
Alice Thomas 
Alice Thomas  You are invited to view Alice Thomas' prints, pause for a moment, ponder the dafter side of life and let it make you smile.

Illustrated:  Dolly Mixtures (detail from)
Dolly Mixtures 
Nikki Trowers     
Nikki Trowers Whether it is the domestic pet, a big cat or dashing wild horses, Nikki Trowers recreates the very personality of the animal she paints.
Illustrated: Dancing Free 
Dancing Free
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