Annabel has loved to sketch and paint since she was a little girl. She draws her inspiration from a childhood spent in the Suffolk countryside, which nurtured her passion for painting flowers, bugs and the charming farmyard animals which are also so much her trademark. She first received recognition at the age of 12 when she was runner up in 'The Independent Schools Art Competition.'

Annabel began her career as a designer at Colefax and Fowler working with George Oakes. She then trained as a photographer, discovering the use of colour and composition, which helped give her an eye for detail. The final stage in her development was attendance at the Heatherley School of Fine Art where she specialised in watercolour and developed her style and technique.

Annabel now lives by the sea in the Isle of Wight with her three boys, where yet again her love of the outdoors and wildlife can be reflected in her watercolours of local subjects, often collected off the beach or brought in by the local fishermen, such as her blue and coral lobsters, her delicate shells and seaweeds and her colourful stylish fish.

Annabel exhibits regularly in the United Kingdom and is also known for her enigmatic children's illustrations and interior studies, which are much in demand as commissions. House and Garden magazine have used her work to promote two months' issues.

Annabel's work is becoming increasingly collectable and prompted the eminent watercolourist Cavendish Martin R.I. to quote 'lively, decorative, painted with a sense of humour; the bright colours and free brushwork make them immediately appealing.'