Annie Williams grew up in South Wales. She trained and worked at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital before studying at City and Guilds Art School London. She now lives in North London.
Watercolour and Etching are her preferred mediums, as she enjoys the challenge of colour, pattern, light and composition.
Recently her work has become smaller, often domestic and very personal. She says that arranging her subject is perhaps the most crucial part and then if she is happy at the start she is in with a chance of creating, she hopes, a work of art.
Her work has been included in many publications and open exhibitions including the Royal Watercolour Society (R.W.S.) and Royal Academy (R.A.).
In 1968 she was awarded a travelling scholarship to Florence and in 1984 the RWS Chris Beetles prize of 1000.
"I work mainly in the medium of watercolour, etching and silk screen printing. I have a studio and etching press at home. My subject matters are the life around me - interior views, still life, home, family and friends. I am captivated by light, the shadows and patterns it creates, and by colour, rich or delicate, and the moods that these can evoke, striving to keep my images as simple as possible".