Julia Walling comes from an artistic background and all her life she has studied art and attended many courses, finally focussing on painting professionally in 1998. Her earliest inspirations for painting came from her experiences in south west Cornwall as a child and from there, she developed an interest in all art forms. Her influences are varied and span history from the most contemporary to the prehistoric. She has been influenced by a wide variety of artists and this is reflected in the variety and experimental nature of her work.
She was born in 1958 and obtained her BA (Hons) in Philosophy at Leeds University and then went on to study psychology. She a qualified behavioural and systemic psychotherapist and hypnotherapist using her insights and understandings of mind and spirit in her artwork.

Julia has been the winner of the Hertfordshire award for abstract art and has been involved with the Eden Project in Cornwall, which includes work from her 'Signs of Life' series.