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Frames and Mounts    
Fine Art Trade GuildOur company is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, so you can be sure of the quality of our materials.

Our prints are produced on acid-free paper and we supply high-quality mounts and frames, such as those illustrated below.
Examples of Mounted Prints
Purple Pheasant
  Brown Pheasant
Pheasant (Purple Tail) and Pheasant (Brown Tail) by Annabel Fairfax.
Image size 450 x 280 mm.
Mounted 595 x 438 mm.
Chicken Run
Chicken Run by Annabel Fairfax.
Image size 670 x 335 mm.
Mounted 810 x 492 mm.
Examples of Framed Prints
Golden Fellow
  Proud Fellow
Golden Fellow and Proud Fellow by Annabel Fairfax.
Image size 260 x 270 mm.
Mounted 380 x 406 mm.
Emerald Rooster
  Green Cockerel
Emerald Rooster and Green Cockerel by Annabel Fairfax.
Image size 360 x 335 mm.
Mounted 507 x 495 mm.
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